Back to Basics With A Twist

Ask your Grandmother or Great Grandmother what kind of camera she used or saw others using when she was a kid. Now have her ask you the same question. We pretty much know the answer you gave your elder. We are consumed by this digital world, from i-Phones to i-pads and all of the above. So you most likely answered i-Phone camera, camera with a lens, video camera maybe even a Go-pro camera. So the answer to Grandma’s question: a camera that was in the shape of a box. To us now, that’s considered vintage and cameras like that are found in antique stores across America.

tipographTTVSo Ever thought of getting back to the basics with a twist? The twist would be incorporating our DSLR!  READ my e-book to found out how to marry the two and create nostalgic images of yesteryear ! Packed with great info and something else to add to your photographic genius!

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