Blue Barn

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So there’s a story behind the abandoned blue barn In Michigan.  In years past, we would travel to Michigan to visit my husband’s side of the family. We would take our regular route and once we got closer we could choose paved or dirt road, but either would eventually lead to a dirt road. So my husband took the paved road, which we never really took, but it was rainy, and we hoped to avoid as much mud as possible. As always, I was looking out the window. We passed this big huge blue Michigan barn! I said, ” By the time we leave, I want to photograph that barn! ”  During the trip, we were busy going here and there. One day, it was just me, my husband and my mother in law were passing by the barn. I mentioned it and she turned around for me to get some shots.  So, what I’m getting at is, don’t miss the opportunity in front of you! Seize it! So when you see it, pull over! Never wait, because it may not be there tomorrow! The next year, it was so overgrown, and had lost all the character that I had first photographed. Every year after, it wasn’t so appealing , it just got worse! So every time we pass the barn, I say,” I am so glad we stopped that day to photograph that barn!”

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