boysteps pinquote copy2

Nope! I didn’t forget to finish cropping my image! Using TTV images and even the “fake” ones can really send a message, look or feel to what you want to convey. In this instant, I was just actually playing with an image I already had and tried something different. Two things, I wanted to highlight the quote and my little boys running to the top of the steps. So with the image being black and white, the steps and grass get a bit busy for the eye to read the text. So I calmed it down a bit with a white overlay and changed to opacity so you could still see the long stairs. Another thing that I came upon, was my TTV border got lost in the borders of the b/w image. So I pulled it out from the image border and framed the whitish overlay to bring focus to the image and TTV border. Try something different , even with your editing software! But as always I encourage you to get out in the field with your TTV camera! Something I need to do more of in the future.

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