Feeling Underwater?

water copy


TTV Photograph of a view from underwater.


So here in Roanoke, Va. our rain started September 25 on a Thursday and it rained through the weekend. We didn’t get our break until Monday and the sun made an appearance! It was short-lived. Although Hurricane Joaquin was in the Caribbean waters stirring and getting stronger, we were in for MORE rain from a frontal boundary system ahead of #joaquin ! The Roanoke River was cresting over it’s threshold and flooding all over had begun. The park that my husband walk in was flooded and had reached the height of the bridge.  It was forecasted that the east coast was going to be hit by #hurricanejoaquin. We were fortunate to find out that the storm was going out to sea, but the east coast  is feeling the effects and the high tides are an issue for  many coastal cities. Stay safe out there yall! Keep dry and don’t forget, “turn around, don’t drown”.


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